Saint Death’s Daughter


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Saint Death’s Daughter by C.S.E. Cooney

Hardcover – Solaris – Apr 2022 – 477 pages

Lanie Stones, the daughter of the Royal Assassin and Chief Executioner of Liriat, has never led a normal life. Born with a gift for necromancy and a literal allergy to violence, she was raised in isolation in the family’s crumbling mansion by her oldestfriend, the ancient revenant Goody Graves. When her parents are murdered, it falls on Lanie and her cheerfully psychotic sister Nita to settle their extensive debts or lose their ancestral home–and Goody with it. Appeals to Liriat’s ruler to protect them fall on indifferent ears…until she, too, is murdered, throwing the nation’s future into doubt. Hunted by Liriat’s enemies, hounded by her family’s creditors and terrorized by the ghost of her great-grandfather, Lanie will need more than luck to get through the next few months–but when the goddess of Death is on your side, anything is possible.


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