Sandman 6: Fables and Reflections


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Sandman 6: Fables and Reflections written by Neil Gaiman

Tradepaperback – Vertigo – Sept2011

Originally published as The Sandman #29-31, 38-40, 50, Sandman Special 1 and Vertigo Preview 1.


Fear of Falling, illustrated by Kent Williams, colored by Sherilyn van Valkenburgh

Reader, Meet the Sandman, an Introduction by Gene Wolfe

Three Septembers and a January, illustrated by Shawn McManas

Thermidor, illustrated by Stan Woch and Dick Giordano

The Hunt, illustrated by Duncan Eagleson and Vince Locke

August, illustrated by Bryan Talbot and Stan Woch

Soft Places, illustrated by John Watkiss

Orpheus, illustrated by Bryan Talbot and Mark Buckingham

The Parliament of Rooks, illustrated by Jill Thompson and Vince Locke

Ramadan, illustrated by P. Craig Russell, colored by Digital Chameleon


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