Scream Quietly



Scream Quietly: The Best of Charles L. Grant edited by Stephen Jones with a foreword by Stephen King and illustrations by Andrew Smith

Trade Paperback – Drugstore Indian Press – Dec 2016 – 631 pages

Scream Quietly: The Best of Charles L. Grant brings together more than thirty atmospheric and often poignant stories and novellas by one of the most talented genre writers of his generation.

Selected by his friend and colleague Stephen Jones, these tales of science fiction, fantasy and the author’s unique style of “quiet horror”—which he cultivated in his many novels, collections and anthologies—showcase some of the finest work published by Grant during his nearly forty-year career as a writer.

This career-spanning collection also includes personal commentaries by Stephen King, Kim Newman, Peter Straub, Thomas F. Monteleone and Nancy Holder, plus an interview with the author by Nancy Kilpatrick.

So be prepared to be terrified. But if you must scream, then just make sure that you scream . . . quietly!


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