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Scullion by Jarad Greene

Trade Paperback – Oni Press – Jul 2020 – 162 pages

In celebrity-obsessed Timberwood Village, the great warrior Riqa is an icon who’s about to throw the wedding of the century, and local teens Darlis and Mae are just two humble dishwashers. Until, that is, Riqa mysteriously disappears and an unsuspecting Darlis is mistaken for her! It seems like an honest mistake, until he realizes that these two troll siblings want to capture and hold him for ransom, with Mae getting caught in the mix-up. To get out of this predicament, these dishwashers will have to get their hands a little dirty. Armed with only their wits and Riqa’s book, The Fair Maiden’s Guide to Eating Your Captor for Breakfast, can Darlis and Mae give their captors a run for their money?


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