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Solitaire by Alice Oseman

Hardcover – Scholastic Press – May 2023 – 260 pages

Tori Spring is tired of everything. She used to be able to deal with people, mostly because she had to. Now she can barely function in the ridiculousness of a school environment. She’s bored. She’s frustrated. She’s worried about her brother Charlie. And she’s not sure what she should do about anything.

She wants the world to leave her alone. But the world has other ideas.

A random post-it note leads Tori on a trail left by someone going by the name Solitaire. The person behind it wants to disrupt the school, even if it means disrupting Tori’s life in the process. Which she doesn’t finds cool at all. Plus, Solitaire draws a boy named Michael Holden into Tori’s path. And once he’s there, he doesn’t want to leave. Which is annoying. Deeply annoying. Tori doesn’t care about Michael Holden at all.



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