Spacetime Donuts


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Spacetime Donuts by Rudy Rucker

Trade Paperback – Night Shade Books – Jul 2019 – 220 pages

In the future, society is run by a computer, Phizwiz; America is simply Us, a collection of Users known as Drones and Dreamers, near-automatons whose every need is provided for. But Phizwiz lacks creativity, and its vapid entertainment is becoming unfulfilling, especially for curious young Vernor Maxwell.

Seeking to add a creative soul to Phizwiz, a hard-partying elite has learned how to plug their minds into the computer. Joining them, Vernor finds a way to build a scale-ship—and becomes an incredible shrinking man. He soon tunnels down below the atomic level and finds himself at the intergalactic top—with the power to smash the machine, once and for all.


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