Squadron (signed)


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Squadron by Douglas E. Rice

Hardcover – Charles D. Moisant – 2018 – 392 pages

Look out Charles Lindbergh! Move over, Amelia Earhart! Here come Jack Tolstoy and Vera Beaumont, two intrepid American fliers off to solve the biggest mystery of all: What happened to the other half of the planet?

The year is 193X, two decades after a global “Cataclysm” abruptly ended the Great War and wiped out whole cultures in Asia. The Old World was then separated from the New by a slowly rising wall of rock in the Atlantic. For over ten years there has been no credible contact with Europe from behind the great Atlantic ridge – it may no longer even exist! The answers the crew of the Seagull search for are deadly ones, and the mystery airmen known as Squadron hold the key to it all.

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