Stanislaw Lem’s The Seventh Voyage


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Stanislaw Lem’s The Seventh Voyage by Stanislaw Lem, adapted by Jon J. Muth

Hardcover – Graphix – Oct 2019 – 69 pages

Ijon Tichy is caught in a TIME LOOP.

Alone in his broken spaceship – with no one there to help him – he could remain trapped in space indefinitely!

But soon something strange begins to happen: Tichy’s past and future selves appear. And rather than helping one another, they bicker and fight as they crowd into the tiny vessel. Will Tichy stop fighting with himself long enough to save his own life?

This sharply comical story by world-renowned science-fiction writer Stanislaw Lem has been adapted into a brilliant graphic novel by Caldecott Honor and Eisner Award-winning artist Jon J Muth.


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