Stolen Skies


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Stolen Skies by Tim Powers

Paperback – Baen – Jan 2023 – 402 pages

Sebastian Vickery has learned something about UFOs that he shouldn’t have—and Naval Intelligence, desperate to silence him, orders his old partner, Agent Ingrid Castine, to trap him.

But Castine risks career, liberty, and maybe even life to warn Vickery—and now they’re fugitives on the run from both the U.S. government and agents of the Russian GRU Directorate, which has its own uses for the UFO intelligence.

With the unlikely aid of a renegade Russian agent, a homeless Hispanic boy, and an eccentric old Flat-Earther, Vickery and Castine must find an ancient relic that spells banishment to the alien species, and then summon the thing and use it against them—in a Samson-like confrontation that looks likely to kill them as well.


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