Swain the Viking, Volume 2


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The Saga of Swain the Viking, Volume 2: Swain’s Chase by Arthur D. Howden Smith, with an introduction by Dr. Morgan Holmes

Trade Paperback – DMR Books – 2023 – 312 pages

“Frakork and Olvir Rosta were the means of the death of my father and mother, and my two brothers. Frakork have I slain, but Olvir has yet to feel the weight of my vengeance. But my time shall come, yes, though it requires the whole of my life, and I must pursue him over the world’s rim!”

Swain the Viking’s desire for revenge knows no limits! When Swain learns that Olvir Rosta has taken refuge in Mikligard (as the men of the north call Constantinople), he thinks nothing of sailing across the seas to hunt down his sworn enemy. But Olvir has wrangled for himself the position of commander of the Emperor’s Varangian Guards. How will a straightforward free-speaker like Swain navigate the intrigues of the Byzantine courts and convince the Emperor of Olvir’s despicable character?

In addition to the thrilling novel Swain’s Chase, this volume of The Saga of Swain the Viking contains two novellas: “Swain’s Venture” and “Swain’s Payment”


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