Tales of the Al-Azif


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Tales of the Al-Azif; A Cthulhu Mythos Anthology edited by Matthew Davenport & C.T. Phipps

Trade Paperback – Macabre Ink – Mar 2019 – 250 pages

The Necronomicon was not the first book by H.P. Lovecraft to terrify readers with tales of dark and twisted horrors from beyond. No, the Al-Azif, or Book of the Insect, is the first work that told mankind of Cthulhu, Azathoth, and other terrors. Indeed, it was the book that inspired “The Mad Arab” Abdul Al-Hazred to write its more famous successor.Join us for a collection of novellas written by some of the best Neo-Lovecraftian authors today: Matthew Davenport, David Hambling, David J. West, David Niall Wilson, and C. T. Phipps in telling stories of this mysterious book. Find out where the nightmares began!


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