Ten Minute Stories / Day and Night Stories


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Ten Minute Stories / Day and Night Stories by Algernon Blackwood

Paperback – Stark House Press – Apr 2016 – 298 pages

This book offers two superlative story collections of ghost stories, strange nature tales, weird events and dark fantasies. Some of these stories are humorous slices-of-life, matter-of-fact stories borne out from Blackwood’s love of human observation. Many of the Day and Night Stories were written during World War I, and are more reflective than his earlier tales. Most have at least a tinge of the mystic to them.

A bonus story, “The Farmhouse on the Hill,” appears in book form for the first time, an early story that originally appeared in an Australian newspaper in 1907. These are stories that capture the shifting qualities of perception as daylight gradually fades into dusk, and the curtain of dreams is pulled gently across our vision–short stories of day…into night.


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