The Beetle in the Anthill


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The Beetle in the Anthill by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky

Trade Paperback – Chicago Review Press – Apr 2023 – 229 pages

Today, Russian authors Arkady and Boris Strugatsky are counted among the best science fiction writers of the twentieth century.
In their Noon Universe novels, they imagined twenty-second-century Earth as a space-faring communist utopia, devoted to guiding the progress of civilization on alien worlds. But as the authors became increasingly disillusioned with life in the Soviet Union, their Noon Universe stories grew darker and more complex as well.
The Beetle in the Anthill reintroduces Maxim Kammerer, the main character of their novel The Inhabited Island. Once an intrepid young space explorer, Kammerer is now an investigator with COMCON-2, the covert agency in charge of countering threats to the homeworld. He is tasked with tracking “progressor” Lev Abalkin, who has returned to Earth after a routine mission went tragically wrong. Do the secrets of Abalkin’s past pose a grave danger to humanity—or is he an innocent caught up in a deadly misunderstanding?

This is a new edition by translator Olena Bormashenko


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