The Big Aha


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The Big Aha by Rudy Rucker

Trade Paperback – Night Shade Books – May 2019 – 386 pages

Biotechnology has replaced machines, and genetic modification is commonplace. At the forefront of this revolutionary change is artist Zad Plant, who works with living paint, lives in a talking home grown from plants, gets around on a giant roadspider, and has a sentient rat—complete with Kentucky accent—as a sidekick. Unfortunately for Zad, his career’s on the skids, and his wife Jane has thrown him out.

Enter qwet—quantum wetware—that changes Zad, making him cosmically high and giving him telepathy, and soon enough, a psychedelic revolution begins. Yet when mouths begin appearing in midair, eating people, Zad and Jane must travel through a wormhole to learn how to save their world.


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