The Digest Enthusiast #15C


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The Digest Enthusiast #15C

Digest Paperback – Larque Press – Jan 2020 – 160 pages

The history and evolution of Fantasy Tales as told by its editors Stephen Jones and David A. Sutton in a behind-the-scenes interview, complete with vintage photographs and artifacts.

Gary Lovisi exposes the licentious Marijuana Girl by N.R. de Mexico, as cited by the Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials in 1952.

Howard Browne’s vision for the ultimate fantasy and science fiction digest: Fantastic. An in-depth review of its debut year, packed with the inside stories behind its fiction.

Tom Brinkmann uncovers the original 7 Year Itch with buxom beauty Vanessa Brown and Tom Ewell via the pocket-size pages of People Today.

Anthony Perconti corresponds with author William Preston about his Old Man series for Asimov’s Science Fiction, that includes a peek into the final episode, yet to come.

Peter Enfantino wraps up Manhunt’s third year in an edifying, gripping exposé, capped with his top ten picks for 1955.

Jack Seabrook lauds Avon’s Murder Mystery Monthly No. 31 with William Irish’s “If I Should Die Before I Wake” in a revealing examination of the master’s talent for terror and suspense.

Joseph Gollomb, once credited as the premier true crime reporter of the day, proves the conceit in our in-depth review of his digest classic: 11 True Crimes.

The crime fiction of “Lost Author” Carl G. Hodges is ripe for revival. Join the ranks of his fans as we recount his career with a deep dive into 1951’s digest novel: Crime On My Hands.

Steve Carper returns with a robust report on the rare children’s digest series, Boys’ and Girls’ Fiction, straight out of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Robert A.W. Lowndes’ Startling Mystery Stories No. 2 gets its due in an inclusive review of its stories, with author backgrounds and feature summaries.

Industry news—with over 30 cover previews—from the digest world’s favorite editors, publishers, and writers.

In all, there are nearly 150 magazine covers, cartoons by Bob Vojtko, and more. Cover by Rachel Krauss.



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