The Dragon in the Library


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The Dragon in the Library: A Kit the Wizard Book by Louie Stowell and illustrated by David Ortu

Paperback – Walker Books – Mar 2021 – 196 pages

Kit Spencer can’t stand reading. She’d rather be outside playing and getting muddy than stuck inside with a book. But when her best friends, Josh and Alita, drag her to the local library, Kit makes an incredible discovery: she’s a wizard and books are the key to her abilities.

Unfortunately, a greedy businessman wants to tear down the beloved library, destroying all its magic. To make matters worse, there’s a sleeping dragon hidden there, and if she’s awakened, her wild power will wreak havoc. With the help of a friendly dragon-dog hybrid named Dogon, Kit and her companions will have to find a way to save the dragon in the library’and maybe the world!


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