The Elixir of Hate


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The Elixir of Hate by George Allan England

Trade Paperback – Murania Press – May 2019 – 166 pages

Aging, seriously ill doctor Granville Dennison abandons his life and practice in New York City to sail across the Atlantic on a quixotic quest. Dennison has reason to believe that an Italian physician named Pagani, living with his young niece in an old villa on the French Riviera, may have found the secret to reversing the aging process in humans. Is it truth or fiction? The brash American invades Pagani’s home and abuses the old Italian’s hospitality in a bid to learn the truth. But even if Dennison’s ravenous hunger for knowledge — and his greedy thirst for the rumored elixir — are satisfied, the consequences might not be what he expects. A masterpiece of mounting horror from the author of the famous “Darkness and Dawn” trilogy.

Originally published in the August through November 1911 issues of The Cavalier.


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