The Ferry of Souls


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The Ferry of Souls by A. L. Salmon

Hardcover – Tartarus Press – 2022 – 262 pages

The Ferry of Souls (1927) is a strange and beguiling book: the title story drifts over the reader like a fever dream. A new apprentice is shown the ropes by an ageing ferryman, and the ghostly crossing he foretells leads the lad to think the old man is losing his mind. Events soon prove the old man’s wisdom should not have been dismissed so lightly. ‘The Were-Wolf’ is a more explicit horror tale, and others are poetic and beautifully composed.


  • ‘Introduction’ by Johnny Mains,
  • The Ferry of Souls: ‘The Ferry of Souls’,
  • ‘A Garden of Dreams’,
  • ‘The Picture: A Tale of a Cornish Village’,
  • ‘The Sea Child’,
  • ‘The Gods in Exile’,
  • ‘The Ship of Desire’,
  • ‘The Were-Wolf’,
  • ‘The Moorland Stream’,
  • ‘The Payment’,
  • ‘Mirage’,
  • ‘Aphrodite’,
  • ‘The Place of Haunting Sorrows’,
  • ‘Autumn’,
  • ‘The Child in the Fields’,
  • ‘The Monk’s Vigil’,
  • ‘A Proselyte’,
  • ‘The Return I’,
  • ‘The Return II’,
  • and more!


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