The Haunting of Hill House


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The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

Limited Edition Hardcover – Centipede Press – Aug 2022 – 320 pages

Dr. John Montague always held a curiosity for the supernatural. So much so that it would become the central focus of his profession. But without substantial evidence to back his claims, he would continue wallowing on the periphery of respectability. That is, until he discovers a peculiar house on the outskirts of Hillsdale plagued with an ill-suited past, one he surmises as the key to unlocking his scholarly success.

But one cannot go it alone in search of the paranormal in a house big enough to swallow its denizens a hundred times over. Upon his invitation, two young women — Eleanor and Theodora — answered the call with a chance at temporary escape from their own constricting and volatile home lives. Joined by their host Luke Sanderson, the heir to the house, the group of four set up residence inside the capricious and menacing dwelling, tracking and noting every oddity they encounter.

However, as the days pass, the house reveals its madness in subtle ways that not all experience in equal measure. Animosity and distrust creep in, causing tension that risks tearing apart the symbiotic bond they forged. When it begins to derail their sanity beyond repair, they must decide whether the research is worth more than their lives. But they soon learn that sheltering within the belly of the beast may in fact be the safest means of survival.


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