The High Cost of Dying


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The High Cost of Dying: And Other Stories by Reed Crandall

Hardcover – Fantagraphics – Feb 2016 – 176 pages

Reed Crandall’s mastery of fine line detail and expertly nuanced pen-and-ink texture is a perfect fit for EC Comics. This collection of 21 Crandall favorites, delineated in his classically illustrative style, includes:

  • “The Silent Towns,” a Ray Bradbury story about the last man and woman on Mars;
  • “Carrion Death,” a stark horror story about a man struggling through the desert with a corpse handcuffed to his wrist as the vultures circle closer;
  • “Sweetie-Pie,” the grisly story of a ghoul who sets up a roadside hazard to procure, um, fresh meat;
  • “The Kidnapper,” about a man who decides to kidnap a baby to replace the baby that had been stolen from him and his wife;
  • “Space Suitors,” a science fiction love triangle that leads to jealously, betrayal, and murder,
  • and “The High Cost of Dying,” the title story, in which a man must make an awful choice between burying his wife and feeding his children …


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