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The House at Phantom Park by Graham Masterton

Hardcover – Head of Zeus – Oct 2022 – 351 pgs

St Philomena’s military hospital has been abandoned for over three years. Now Lilian Chesterfield, who works for one of the most successful building companies in England, is in charge of developing it into a luxury housing complex. But as soon as she and her colleagues start work in the Jacobean-style mansion, their dream turns into a nightmare.

They hear screaming from wards full of empty beds. They hear doors slamming and find cutlery scattered over the kitchen floor. Then they see faces peering at them from the mullioned windows. Lilian is pragmatic – she doesn’t believe in the supernatural. But just when she’s put her mind at rest by scouring the mansion from top to bottom and finding nothing, a former patient of St Philomena’s arrives with a warning. The hospital is haunted. And it is haunted by something a thousand times more terrifying than ghosts…


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