The Language of Ghosts


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The Language of Ghosts by Heather Fawcett

Hardcover – Balzer & Bray – Sep 2020 – 356 pages

Forced into exile on an enchanted, moving island, ex-princess Noa Marchena has two missions: reclaim her family’s stolen throne and ensure that the dark powers her older brother, Julian, possesses don’t go to his head in the process. But between babysitting her annoying little sister, Mite, and keeping an eye on the cake-loving sea monster that guards the moving island, Noa has her hands full.

When the siblings learn that their enemies are searching for a weapon capable of defeating Julian – whose legendary spell weaving is feared throughout the kingdom – once and for all, they vow to get to it first. To everyone’s surprise, the key to victory turns out to be a long-lost magical language – and only Noa can speak it.

But what if by helping her brother, Noa ends up losing him?


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