The Last Tale of the Flower Bride


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The Last Tale of the Flower Bride by Roshan Chokshi

Trade Paperback – Morrow – Mar 2024 – 292 pages

Once upon a time, a man who believed in fairy tales married Indigo Maxwell-Casteñada, a cold woman whose beauty was rivaled only by her mystery. He was a scholar of myths. She was an heiress. Far from prying eyes, they sank into a strange world of their own devotion. But in exchange for her love, Indigo extracted a promise: that her bridegroom would never pry into her past.

When Indigo learns that her estranged aunt is dying, the couple is forced to return to her childhood home, the House of Dreams. Once they arrive, the bridegroom soon finds himself unable to resist the unnerving allure of Indigo’s forbidden past. Within the crumbling manor’s extravagant rooms and musty halls, there lurks the shadow of another girl: Azure, Indigo’s dearest childhood friend who suddenly disappeared. As if intentional, the house slowly reveals his wife’s secrets, and the bridegroom will be forced to choose between reality and fantasy, even if doing so threatens to destroy their marriage . . . or their lives.


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