The Lost Valley / The Wolves of God


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The Lost Valley / The Wolves of God: Two Story Collections in One Complete Volume by Algernon Blackwood

Paperback – Stark House Press – Apr 2016 – 444 pages

The Lost Valley

Here is a collection of supernatural nature mysteries, ghost stories and visions galore–tales of loss and redemption, and the horror of the unknown–taking the reader from the stark terror of “The Wendigo” and “Old Clothes” to the light of hope in “Carlton’s Drive” and the spiritual finale, “The Eccentricity of Simon Parnacute.”

The Wolves of God

Many of the tales in this collection are wilderness stories, like the title story, “Running Wolf,” “First Hate” and “The Valley of the Beasts.” But, The Wolves of God also features some fine supernatural romances like “The Call” and “The Lane That Ran East and West;” ghostly retribution in “The Decoy;” mystery and murder in “Confession;” and the strange call of the past in “The Tarn of Sacrifice.” These are strange stories of retribution and mystical intervention, of horror and hope–of the magic and mystery of life.


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