The Lovecraft Annual #15


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The Lovecraft Annual No. 15

Trade Paperback – Hippocampus Press – Aug 2021 – 270 pages

This fifteenth issue of The Lovecraft Annual features cutting-edge scholarship on the life, work, and thought of H. P. Lovecraft. Among the biographical articles, we find Horace A. Smith examining aspects of Lovecraft’s early interest in astronomy; Ken Faig, Jr.’s study of Lovecraft’s relations with Irish friends and relatives; Marc Beherec’s analysis of the church in Red Hook that played a critical role in “The Horror at Red Hook”; and Brendan Whyte’s discussion of the appearance of a 1905 letter by Lovecraft in a New York newspaper. Among the articles on Lovecraft’s work, Duncan Norris writes articles on Lovecraft’s disdain for money in his stories and a comprehensive survey of recent films that have drawn upon Lovecraft; James Goho studies the nature of the title character of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward; and Christopher Cuccia closely analyzes John Milton’s influence on Lovecraft. A section of reviews examines three recent editions of Lovecraft’s letters.


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