The Making of Creepshow 2


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The Making of Creepshow 2 by Lee Karr

Trade Paperback – Plexus – Apr 2023 – 320 pages

Released in 1987, Laurel Entertainment’s Creepshow 2 is the comedy horror anthology film written by George A. Romero and directed by Michael Gornick. Based on material from Stephen King, the film tells the stories of a wooden Native American statue come to life, a mysterious lake monster, and a relentless and vengeful hitchhiker.

Beginning with a foreword by the film’s producer David Ball, who praises Lee Karr’s ‘spectacular detail’, this book chronicles every stage of the making of the sequel to George A. Romero’s original Creepshow. Lee Karr first sets the pre-production scene, before providing a detailed diary of production in the third chapter. This takes the reader through the shooting of the film day by day, with the help of production files, scripts, storyboard art and handwritten notes from the director himself. Karr also explores the film’s release and life after Creepshow 2, creating a fuller picture of the film and its legacy.

Lee Karr stays true to his previous book on George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead with his exhaustive research and an involving sense of passion. Drawing on a wealth of unpublished stories and exclusive interviews with actors, costume designers, stunt coordinators and other members of the cast and crew, the reader is given an access-all-areas pass to the making of the film, leaving no stone unturned. Presenting an impressive overview of the film-making process as well as providing astonishing detail, Karr offers the definitive account of the making of Creepshow 2 and brings the film to life in a way that no other book has ever done before.


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