The Night Sheriff


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The Night Sheriff by Phil Foglio

Trade Paperback – Prince of Cats – Nov 2021 – 271 pages

From the turreted castle and Main Street to Monte Cristo Island and Kukuanaland, Bartholomew Zenon’s Zenonland is protected by the Night Sheriff. Day and night, he is burdened by a witch’s curse to be aware of all that live and play within the massive fantasy theme park.

Now an attack on the park by a monster hunter, who knows far too much, threatens everything: guests, staff, and fellow supernaturals taking refuge in the park. The Night Sheriff must scramble to uncover not only the source of the threat, but secrets of the park of which even he was not aware.

If he doesn’t, he may be doomed, the park may be doomed, and even the world may be doomed.

… And that’s a lot of doom.


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