The Nothing Man


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The Nothing Man by Jim Thompson

Paperback – Mulholland Books – Aug 2014 – 256 pages

War changed Clinton Brown. Permanently disfigured, he’s struggling to find satisfaction from a life as a rewrite man for Pacific City’s Courier. shame has led him to isolate himself from his closest friends and divorce his faithfully devoted wife, Ellen. Only the bottle keeps him company.

But now Ellen has arrived in Pacific City, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to get Brown back. Even if it means exposing his deepest secret–a painful truth Brown would do anything to stop from coming to light. He’d kill a whole lot of people just to keep this one thing quiet…and, soon enough, the bodies start piling up around him.

The Nothing Man is Jim Thompson at his most psychologically astute– a deeply suspensful and tragic portrait of one man’s journey through the dark sideof the postwar boom.


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