The Sapphire Goddess


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The Sapphire Goddess: The Fantasies of Nictzin Dyalhis by Nictzin Dyalhis

Trade Paperback – DMR Books – Apr 2018 – 327 pages

At last, the stories of one of the most unusual writers of weird fiction are collected! This volume contains all of Nictzin Dyalhis’ works of fantasy and science fiction, many of which have never before been reprinted. Those who love the wild imagination and masterful prose of authors such as Clark Ashton Smith and C.L. Moore are sure to enjoy this collection.

When the Green Star Waned
The Eternal Conflict
He Refused to Stay Dead
The Dark Lore
The Oath of Hul Jok
The Red Witch
The Sapphire Goddess
The Sea-Witch
Heart of Atlantan



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