The Search for Joseph Tully


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The Search for Joseph Tully by Willian H. Hallahan

Signed (by Michael Saler and David Ho, with a facsimile signature by William H. Hallahan), Limited Edition Hardcover – Centipede Press – Aug 2022 – 312 pages

Have you ever felt the icy, cold touch of death brush the nape of your neck, as if a specter follows your every move in waking life and the dream world? If not, you should breathe a sigh of relief and count yourself lucky. Pete Richardson hasn’t been afforded that kind of fortune. For him, the mundane merry-go-round ?of daily life is filled with the kind of paranoia that one would experience in the aftermath of immense tragedy. The question is: what tragedy would prompt such fear? Even he can’t answer that.

On the surface, he’s just a regular “joe” working a menial office job. He enjoys his morning coffee, an occasional snifter of brandy, and fraternizes with fellow neighbors on the impending demolition of their Brooklyn apartment building. He even has a front row seat to the wrecking ball outside his window. Sounds normal enough! Despite his skepticism, he follows the advice from friends and neighbors and searches for answers in places he doubts the most: horoscopes, Tarot readings, seances, and hypnosis. But he comes as close to discovering the truth as he does to hysteria.

All the while, an attorney from London, named Matthew Willow, makes landfall on U.S. soil and bounces from town to town, hot on the trail of the Tully family whose lineage dates back to the 1700s. His investigation drags him from New York to New Jersey and back, covering the ground like an archaeologist on the hunt for the holy grail. But what’s his grail and how does Richardson factor into it?


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