The Snow Woman


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The Snow Woman and Other Yokai Stories From Japan by Noboru Wada

Trade Paperback – Tuttle – April 2024 – 286 pages

The terrifying tales in this collection include:

  • “The Legend of the Snow Woman”: A beautiful woman appears at Minokichi’s door one night in a snowstorm. They marry and live happily, until one day her terrible secret is revealed.
  • “Kappa Taro”: A legendary yokai terrifies villagers by luring them into a pond, where they drown. Can Suwa Yorito, famed for his strength, successfully challenge this terrifying demon?
  • “The Yamamba Witch’s Daughter”: Who would ever dream of marrying a mountain witch? Can the Yamamba’s daughter find the love and happiness she seeks?

These stories have been passed down for generations from grandparents to their grandchildren, sitting around the hearth on cold and snowy winter nights. They are well-known throughout Japan and are believed by the inhabitants of Shinshu to have actually occurred in the distant past.



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