The Subjugated Beast


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The Subjugated Beast by R.R. Ryan

Trade Paperback – Dancing Tuatara Press – 2013

A legendary rarity, The Subjugated Beast is not simply a literary curiosity, but a true masterpiece of the genre, years ahead of its time. Denice Jeanette Bradley-Ryan writing as R.R. Ryan and Kay Seaton deserves to be thought of as one of the true masters of the weird novel and perhaps even the “Godmother of Splatterpunk”. The Subjugated Beast easily stands with modern masterpieces like Richard Laymon’s The Cellar, Ray Garton’s Live Girls, Edward Lee’s Creekers and other masterpieces of cutting edge horror; however, Ms. Bradley-Ryan was authoring these books over seventy years ago! Of her body of work, The Subjugated Beast stands out as the most unsettling, definitely not for the weak of heart!


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