The Vor Game (signed)


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The Vor Game by Lois McMaster Bujold

Hardcover – NESFA Press – Feb 2010 – 376 pages

The Vor Game continues Miles Vorkosigan’s story as he graduates from the Imperial Military Academy (putting it after Mountains of Mourning and before Cetaganda in the internal, Vorkosiverse chronology)

After graduation Miles is shipped off to “Camp Permafrost” to predict weather and to ascertain whether he can get along with his subordinates and superiors in the regular forces. That assignment turns out about as well as expected and Miles is reassigned to the distant Hegen Hub. However this posting turns interesting when he encounters his old mercenary fleet, his emperor playing hookey, the tricky Commander Cavilo, and a tangled web of intrigue. Miles, of course, does his best to salvage the situation, but, as always, there’s a surprise…


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