The White Tree


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The White Tree written by Sean Branney, performed by a full cast.

Audio CD – Dark Adventure Radio Theatre – Jun2016 – TRT 72:21

In Dark Adventure Radio Theatre‘s first wholly-original episode, Inspector Legrasse (one of the heroes from Lovecraft’s tale “The Call of Cthulhu”) stumbles onto a case which may be connected to the Cthulhu cult he and his men broke up nearly twenty years before. Once again he leads an investigation which takes him into the foreboding bayous of Louisiana. Will he again be pitted against deranged cultists and the abominations they worship, or has he found something even more evil and insidious?

To enhance your listening pleasure and take you deeper into the story, the CD version of the episode will come with these fun prop documents:

An article from the New Orleans Daily Picayune about the original swamp raid on the Cthulhu cult

An arrest report from the New Orleans police department

A page torn from an unholy book of secret rituals

A powerful relic of New Orleans voodoo


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