The Wishkeeper’s Apprentice


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The Wishkeeper’s Apprentice by Rachel Chivers Khoo

Hardcover – Candlewick Press – April 2024 – 224 pages

When ten-year-old Felix drops a penny in the wishing fountain at the center of town, he really doesn’t expect his sixteen-year-old sister to suddenly like him again, or to offer to share a cinnamon bun or watch cartoons like they used to. She hasn’t even remembered she was supposed to give him a ride home! But someone else is at the fountain too: a strange old man with a fishing pole who claims to be invisible. To Felix’s amazement, he learns that the old man is a Wishkeeper, and he needs an apprentice! But being a Wishkeeper’s apprentice isn’t just about organizing incoming wishes and untangling wish snags: a strange wolf-man who’s been haunting Felix’s dreams is real and a threat to every wish that has ever been granted in the town of Whittlestone, the town’s Wishkeeper, and Felix himself.


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