Theseus: Volume One (signed)


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Theseus: Volume One by Jordan Holt

Hardcover – Carthage Press – 2021 – 148 pages

Theseus is a well-known figure in mythology for defeating bandits, killing the minotaur, and ruling over Athens. While the story itself is a fable, there is likely a true story that undergirds the legend. This is most definitely not it.

This is more like what happens if someone loves Greek mythology very much, studies it in-depth along with the culture, language and history of that period, is fascinated by the idea of a true story behind the myth, but is simply not a serious person.

Theseus: Volume One A satirical retelling of Theseus’ first four adventures along his path to Athens. And rather than powerful hero from the myth, Theseus is neither very strong nor particularly smart, and is simply swept up in a tide of accidental fortunes as well as the schemes and mischief of a host of bored gods.

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