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Thornlight by Claire Legrand

Hardcover – Greenwillow – Apr 2021 – 446 pages

Centuries and centuries ago, the Vale was split in two in a war between witches. Ever since, an evil darkness has been climbing, climbing, climbing out of the Break, infecting everything it touches. The people of the Vale fight it with discs made of lightning, and with an ancient spell. Brier Skystone is the youngest, most talented lightning harvester the Vale has ever seen. Her twin sister, Thorn, is a sensitive artist who’s braver than even she knows. And young Queen Celestyna Hightower is determined to be Mender of the Break, the last of her family to bear the weight of anchoring the spell…which is really more of a curse.

As the darkness keeps coming, these three girls will each undertake their own perilous journeys to try to save their home,and each quest reveals an electrifying surprise. Perhaps they’ve been fighting the wrong monster all along.


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