Thousand Recipes for Revenge


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A Thousand Recipes for Revenge by Beth Cato

Trade Paperback – 47 North – Jun 2023 – 395 pages

A Delicous and Dangerous Magic

Adamantine “Ada” Garland has an empathic connection to food and wine, a magical perception of aromas, flavors, and ingredients. Invaluable property of the roayl court, Ada was in service to the Five Gods and to the Gods-ordained rulers of Verdania–until she had enough of injustive and bloodshed and deserted, seeking to chart her own destiny. When mysterious assassins ferret her out after sixteen years in hiding, Ada, now a rogue Chef, and her beloved Grand-mère run for their lives, only to find themselves on a path toward an unexpected ally.

A foreign princess in a strange court, Solenn unknowingly shares more with Ada than an epicurean gift. They share blood. With her newfound magical perception, she becomes aware of a plot to kill her fiancé, the prince. It’s part of a ploy by advesarial forces in the rival country of Albion to sow conflict, and Solenn is set up to take the blame.

As Ada’s and Solenn’s paths coverge, a mother and her long-lost daughter reunite toward a common goal, and against a shadowy enemy from Ada’s past who is out for revenge. But what sacrifices must be made? What hop is there when powerful Gods pick sides in a war simmering to eruption?


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