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Tokyo Cinerotix edited by Kagami Jigoku Kobayashi

Trade Paperback – Creation Books – March 2024 – 104 Pages

Japanese sexploitation cinema of the late 1960s and 1970s was dominated by companies such as Toei and Nikkatsu, whose roman porno brand is among the most well-known of all erotic film series.

TOKYO CINEROTIX showcases 100 scenes from Japanese sexploitation films of this period, originally issued by Nikkatsu and other companies as 5 X 7 inch promotion stills. The stills are taken from the personal collection of the book’s editor, Kagami Jigoku Kobayashi (also curator of the popular Tokyo Cinegraphix series).

TOKYO CINEROTIX presents a stimulating snapshot from a time past to commemorate some of world’s classic sexploitation cinema, never explicit but crafted with a uniquely Japanese visual flair for the erotic that can never be recaptured.


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