Truer Love and Other Lies


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Truer Love and Other Lies by Edd Vick

Trade paperback – Fairwood Press – Nov 2019 – 306 pages

The stories in Truer Love and Other Lies deal with Boneypunk, indeterminate angels, and man’s inhumanity to, well, everything. On further investigation, a part is played by crackerjack popes, reluctant revolutionaries, illegal temporal aliens, and dead giants who love Get Smart. Further, truer love would simply have to include smartass prophets, avenging whales, defenders of Wonderland, and the inevitability of becoming a werewolf when hired by the moon.

Ranging from hard science to fantasy, from surrealism to pulp adventure, from satire to magic realism, this debut collection by Edd Vick includes stories from magazines, including Analog and Asimovs, and many anthologies. Several entries have never before been published, and two of them were co-written with Vick’s regular collaborator Manny Frishberg.


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