Twilight of the Gods


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Twilight of the Gods by Edmond Hamilton

Trade paperback – DMR Books – Dec 2020 – 244 pages

“The rainbow bridge to Asgard, the home of the gods! Myth had come real before my unbelieving eyes! Myth, that for years had strangely haunted my dreams. For myth had changed to reality about me, ever since I had plunged from Earth into this neighboring world. Valhalla and the Aesir and their lords were as real around me now as I was myself!”

Edmond Hamilton was one of the most celebrated authors of adventure science fiction. Often he turned to various mythologies of the world for inspiration. In this collection you will find tales of heroes stumbling upon gates to other worlds, such as The Shining Land of the Tuatha De Danann and Valhalla, home of the Norse gods. On Earth, archaeologists discover forgotten temples of ancient deities such as Tiamat and Kukulcan. Hamilton expertly weaves the myths of the Greeks, Celts, Norse, and others into action-filled tales of wonder and horror. This collection contains some of his most exciting stories, including some which have not seen print in 75 years.

Stories included:
“Twilight of the Gods”
“Priestess of the Labyrinth” *
“The Shining Land” *
“Lost Elysium” *
“The Valley of the Gods”
“The King of Shadows”
“Serpent Princess”
“The Daughter of Thor”
* First time in print since original publication


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