Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck in Les Miserables and War and Peace


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Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck in “Les Miserables” and “War and Peace” by Giovan Battista Carpi

Hardcover – Fantagraphics – Sep 2023 – 184 pages

It’s Victor Hugo… duckified! When French gendarme Javert thinks that poor Jean McJean (Scrooge McDuck) stole two candlesticks, he swears to run him down—even years later, when McJean has become town mayor and guardian of Daisette (Daisy Duck). Are the candlesticks the key to a fabulous treasure lost in Paris? And do the freres Beagle and Peg Leg Thénardier want it? (Silly question!) Then, in our version of Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” Count Donald Dukzukov of ancient Russia loves Ducktasha Roastov (Daisy)—but Prince Scrooge McDukzukov wants to force him into an arranged marriage… or punish him in the McDukzukov Metalworks, where cannon balls are so pricey that you have to return them after the battle!


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