Vera Vance Comics Star


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Vera Vance Comics Star by Claudia Mills

Trade Paperback – Margaret Ferguson – Oct 2020 – 114+ pages

Vera loves all things comic books, so she can’t wait for the comics after-school class to start–even though her mother wonders whether it’s educational enough. But Vera is determined to participate, and starts developing her own comic about Big Spoon and Little Spoon with the encouragement of her enthusiastic friend Nixie and instruction from teachers who are accomplished cartoonists themselves.

As the weels go by, the after-school teachers announce that for the final class, students will go on a field trip to a local comic-con–and they can even enter a page from their comics in a contest that will be judged there! Vera isn’t surprised when her mother says she can’t go. But maybe Big Spoon and Little Spoon can convince her mother to accept her passion.


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