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Verse Advice Notecards by Edward Gorey

20 notecards with envelopes in box – Pomegranate

Edward Gorey’s characters regularly find themselves in odd—even disastrous—circumstances. They’ve seen their fair share of mishaps and are wiser as a result (if they haven’t met their unfortunate ends, of course). Now, they’re passing along their advice in this boxed notecard assortment of images from Gorey’s Verse Advice.

Weaving tales as unsettling as they are hilarious, Gorey paired ominous humor with vaguely Victorian style, whether he was designing stage sets and costumes or writing plays and books. Occasionally, though, he would have a fondness for the little things in life. In 1993, the New Yorker first ran Gorey’s Verse Advice, a series of twelve images printed in a four-page spread. From home improvement to organization, the advice in these illustrations is quite quotidian.

Contains 5 each of the following images:
It’s possible to pick up crumbs / By pressing on them with the thumbs.
The helpful thought for which you look / Is written somewhere in a book.
A one or two inch piece of string / Cannot be used for anything.
A timely use of glue or paste / May well prevent a shocking waste.


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