Weaver (signed)


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Weaver by Stephen Baxter

Paperback – Ace – Mar 2010 – 369 pages

It is a war that has been fought throughout the centuries—the fate of Rome, the fate of Christendom, the fate of the young country called America—all were at stake down through the ages. Now, in the early days of WWII, as Germany launches a successful invasion of England, nothing less than the fate of the 20th century is to be determined. For the Nazi’s have a secret plan, far grander than simply subjugating an enemy.

In the middle of that plan, tangled up in the strands of history, are Mary Wooler, an American historian caught in the Blitz; her son Gary, fighting a ruthless invader at civilization’s frontier; and Ben Kaman, a Jewish refugee whose dreams place him at the heart of the conspiracy that is threatening the fabric of the tapestry of time…

Book four of the Time’s Tapestry series.


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