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Welcome to Boy.net by Lyda Morehouse

Trade Paperback – Wizards Tower Press – Apr 2024 – 351 pages

Lucia Del Toro and Independence ‘Hawk’ Hawking are a pair of happy-go-lucky lesbian bounty hunters, united in their passion for adventure and each other. Hawk grew up on a hippy science commune on the Earth’s Moon and has always been rootless and carefree. Del Toro, however, has a more complicated past, which is about to come back to haunt her.

Politics in the Solar System are always fraught. A key player is the UN’s crack regiment of space marines, the ENForcers. They are as hardcore and testosterone-fuelled as military units come, and proudly all-male. Being cyborgs they are all connected through a bioware network known as boy.net. Lucia’s link to that network is one of many things that Del Toro thought she’d put behind her when she got out of the military and changed her life. But, with the security of the Solar System at stake, she will soon have a choice to make.


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