A Whole Bag of Crazy


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A Whole Bag of Crazy: Sordid Tales of Hookers, Weed, and Grindhouse Movies by Pete Chiarella

Trade paperback – Happy Cloud Media – 2018 – 224 pages

“I am known as 42nd Street Pete, a character that I created as a living reminder of that lost decade, the ’70s. I was one of a million nameless, faceless kids with no direction and no future. We all had the ugly specter of the Vietnam War hanging like a sword over our heads. We weren’t college material; we were clerks, gas station attendants, custodians, the like. Pretty much cannon fodder for the front lines. Most of us knew that we stood a good chance of being drafted and coming back in a bag, so we lost ourselves in the explosion of drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, and music that were the ’70s.” Hustler, pot fiend, porn expert.Take a walk down a dark alley with 42nd Street Pete as he recounts his tales growing up on “The Deuce.” Criminal activity, classic undesirable cinema, pot, booze, pros, cons. The ’70s: uncut, uncensored. If you really remember the ’70s, you were lucky to have survived them.

This is the fellow behind Grindhouse Purgatory magazine.


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