Wild Hairs


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Wild Hairs by David J. Schow

Trade Paperback – Cimarron Street Books – Jun 2020 – 316 pages

In this gang of columns and essays, you’ll find David J. Schow at his apocalyptic, rabble-rousing, socially unacceptable, contumelious, informative, hard-assed, eclectic, ribald, insightful, brain-frying, pugnacious, shocking, blunt, controversial, semi-obscene, warped, downright impertinent, magniloquent, bellicose, heartfelt, damned-near-brilliant, revelatory, caustic, hot-loaded, nitpicky, savage, triple-strength, argumentative, gun-blazing, terse, disruptive, spaced-out, brutally honest, contentious, mordant, toxically infuriating, ovary-paralyzing, all-bets-are-off, dour, painfully obscure, cheeky, fuel-rich, brusque, witty, gut-wrenching, exhaustive, sincere, bulletproof, mind-hammering, amoral, contumacious, trivially obsessed, sagacious, uncensored, dead honest, scathing, rude, pants-free, illuminating, twisted, bat-outta-Hades, up in arms, stringent, chewy, two-fisted, floored-pedal, no-holds-barred, rebellious, incisive, scandalous, zombo-rific, totally aggro, hellbent-for-leather, internecine, astute, moonstruck, skeptical, equivocal, fully erect, punctilious, overly adjectival, unruly, cocksure, heretical, pith-laden, splattery, who-does-he-think-he-is, combative, triumphant best … and that’s just the appetizer.  


Think of it as tough love for your psyche.


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