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Worms by James R. Montague

Trade Paperback – Valancourt – 2018 – 166 pages

The Norfolk coast made for a perfect holiday – as long as the sun still shone. But when the rain came, the creatures left the shadows . . .


Spectres from the past tortured James Hildebrand’s mind. His blackest nightmares were crowded with malevolent, coiling images of decay. Then, suddenly, he knew the threat was real.


The dead alone could not quench their hunger. And, for the living, the horrors that fed and multiplied in the darkness of the night became more terrible with the dawn . . .

Written by screenwriter Christopher Wood (The Spy Who Loved MeMoonraker) under the pseudonym James R. Montague – an homage to the great ghost story writer M. R. James – Worms (1979) is a rediscovered horror gem that will make your skin crawl.


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