Wormwood #30


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Wormwood #30

Trade Paperback – Tartarus Press – Spring 2018 – 92 pages

‘The best Vitality/Cannot excel Decay’: Echoes of Literary Decadence in the Fiction of Caitlín R. Kiernan by James Goho
Another Kind of Fairyland: Margaret Benson’s The Court of the King by Joseph Hinton
A Scientist reads Algernon Blackwood’s The Fruit Stoners by Rebekah Memel Brown
Phantasmion and Phantastes by William Charlton
Impostor in the Hebrides: The Strange History of Ada Goodrich Freer by Peter Bell
Night-Doings in Victorian England: The Sojourn of Ambrose Bierce by Tim Foley
Under Review by Reggie Oliver
Late Reviews by Douglas A. Anderson
Camera Obscura by John Howard


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